5 best ways to get penis to size 8

Penis size is a critical factor in determining sexual satisfaction. Although many women now believe penis size is not the only ingredient required in a spicy sex life. There are many other things that determine sexual satisfaction. No matter what the new consensuses depict one thing is for sure men are very sensitive about their penis size and can go to any extent to increase penis size.

In olden times men used to feel ashamed about discussing their penis size but now time has changed. There are many techniques and methods available to increase penis size. However before you adopt any method you should ensure that the method you choose is safe and does show final results. Bathmate Review

Below are some ways in which you can increase penis size significantly


If you are an all natural person than exercise is the best method for you to increase your penis size.  There are many exercises you can adopt to increase your penis size. The main idea behind this method is that you stretch the penis muscle so that it gains length and flexibility naturally.

Do keep one thing in mind this is a time consuming process and results will be visible with the passage of time. You should make it a habit of doing the chosen exercise on a regular basis. Before you take up a penile exercise make it a point to shave all hair in your pubic area. Pulling of hair during exercise can be quite painful.

You should also maintain a balanced diet. Remember consuming the required vitamins, proteins and minerals will affect your penis functionality directly. Food and exercise go side by side. In addition you should make sure you start your exercise in a good mood. You have to believe that your exercise will lead to actual male enlargement.

Also before you start your exercise make sure you moisturize the penis skin. Do not go for a shampoo or soap as they may cause redness and itching of the skin.


This is a very safe and effective method of increasing penis size. Penomet is a penis enlargement device. It is a penis pump which makes use of a suction force to increase penis size. A vacuum is created around the penis. The force applied makes all the blood gush through to the penis.

Penomet is a safe option for penis enlargement. Penomet is one device which will instantly increase your penis size after you use it. The key is to use it for at least 15 minutes for almost five times a week. Penomet is a discreet device. You can store it anywhere and use it whenever you feel like it.

If you feel a little hesitant than worry not. Penomet contains a detailed exercise plan. It contains the complete details of how to use the pump and the methods to adopt. Penomet is a safe device. It makes use of water as a suction force instead of air. There are no leakages and the device just works smoothly.

Penomet is affordable and provides you an increase in length as well as girth. This is one device you should certainly go for.


This is the least used method for penis enlargement. People are no generally comfortable with going under the knife. This surgical method is usually referred to as Penile Enlargement surgery. This method is quite successful but men rarely opt for this method.

One thing that should be ensured if one is going for a surgery is that the doctor is credible. This method is permanent so you don’t have to worry about results but it will cost you a handsome amount of money. However why go to such an extreme when there are other easy methods such as Penomet available.


Supplements are fairly popular in the penis enlargement industry. This is because they are easy to use, you can find them at any local store and they don’t hurt the pocket. Some medicines actually do work. The only drawback is that numerous companies which promise penile enhancement are merely a scam to rip off people. In addition most of the medicines contain drug ingredients which can be very harmful to the overall health of an individual.

Instead of risking your health and results go for Penomet instead.

Penis enlargement cream

Many creams and gels are available in the markets which promise to increase penis size. Using such gels and creams means you are simply wasting your time. They only create a mess and show negative results. Penomet is a much effective method to go for instead.

These were some methods for penis enlargement. Remember do not feel depressed about your penis size. Take some steps to increase the size as nothing is impossible.

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