Shed weight Post Pregnancy with 6 effortless tricks

From the moment we start to gain extra kilo’s here and there on our bodies during pregnancy, we start to scheme how we will get rid of it as soon as the little one arrives. Well, post delivery when you are taking care of the baby and somewhat getting into a regular routine, it strikes to you that you need to go back to your pre pregnancy weight!

While the resolution is perfect, it is nonetheless time consuming and gradual. Research shows that up to 80% of the mothers do not go back to their pre pregnancy weight until their child turns one. Hence, chill out, stay motivated and follow these 5 effortless tricks to lose all your baby weight within months!

Move it!

Most new mothers are totally sleep deprived, tired and busy to get into an exercising routine. While it is alright if you are still adjusting to the new setup, nevertheless take out 15 minutes from your busy schedule and start moving it!
till the first month post pregnancy, it is advised to only walk at a regular speed as the internal body is still healing.

Once you know you are doing well and your baby has a schedule too, lace up your joggers when your cutie sleeps and hop on the treadmill for half an hour. Do this 7 times a week and you will notice a difference!

Breast Feed

Did you know you can lose up to 600 calories in a single day if you breast feed? Breast feeding alone has aided many women to come back to their original weight without any exercise, diet or supplements. During breast feeding months, you can eat as much as you want and you will still be losing weight like money!
However, once you stop breast feeding, the pounds can pack on up real quick. That is why you need to take your diet downwards and exercise routines upwards to maintain it.

Hydration is the Key

Staying hydrated all day long is beneficial without any consequences. While firstly water will help you stay fresh, active and remove toxins from your body, it will also aid you while breast feeding. Secondly, drinking loads of water will keep your tummy full, letting you eat less, ultimately meaning lesser calorie intake! See, how water alone can do so much? It is advised to drink up to 8 glasses of water a day but for a breast feeding mother, the count should go up to 10- 12.

Healthy Eating

Indulging in healthy food consumption will go a long way, even years after post pregnancy. As pregnancy caused cravings had done enough damage to our weight, there is no excuse for eating untimely snacks, sweets or chocolates now!
Get into a healthy habit of eating nutritious foods like fruits, nuts, vegetables, lentils, whole grains, etc.

Opt for 5 -6 small meals throughout the day in the shape of salads, fresh juices, sautéed  vegetables, chicken fillets, etc. After all, your baby will eat what you will eat!

If you have stopped breast feeding your little one, take diet pills such as PhenQ into consideration as they truly work!

Lift Weights at Home

While we believe that as soon as we give birth to a baby, our routine will revolve around him, alone. This is not the case. A new born baby loves him slumber, nearly up to 18 hours a day. Do you know what that means? Even if you change his clothes, cook for the family, clean your house and go for a walk, you will still have time to lift weights!
Lifting weights will tone your muscles and help you get back on track once you plan to join the gym. Opt for 2 kg dumbbells, and download a post pregnancy video for perfect training. If you want to make things interesting, forget the dumbbells and lift your baby! While you will be losing weight, you will also be bonding with the little one at a personal level.


Taking naps every now and then, ideally when your baby does will help you in the long run. As our new sleepless routines are tiring enough, our metabolic rates also drop which can lead to a slower fat burning process. Don’t let this happen!
Sleeping for half an hour every few hours will make up for the sleep deficit, will let you stay fresh and also help the metabolism to stay perfect.

Diet Pills

Diet pills are perfect for you post pregnancy when you stop breast feeding. While there are millions of diet pills out there ready to be bought, opting for the legally tested and proven ones will help you the most. PhenQ diet pills are ideal for losing weight while staying active and happy.

All these tips are effortless, simple and highly comfortable. If you still haven’t planned how to go about your weight loss journey, take these tips into consideration and flaunt your new weight everywhere!

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